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Updated 10/8/2019


0.5'' A. chalcodes  Arizona blonde  $10 ea (50 available)

1.5'' B. albopilosum Curlyhair (produced from WC parents)  $15 ea (5 available)

C. dyscolus Asian smokey  $65 ea (5 mature females available)

0.25'' N. chromatus Brazilian red and white $10 ea (200 available)


2'' P. regalis Indian ornamental  $45 (1 available)

P. platyomma Brazilian pink bloom  $200 ea (1 mature female available)



1'' Opistophalmus glabrifrons Burrowing scorpion  $25 ea (3 available)



G. portentosa Madagascar hisser 25 mixed sizes $10

Eublaberus sp. "ivory" Ivory head 20 med-lrg nymphs $10


B. dubia Guyana spotted  

50 small - $8         100 small - $15

50 med - $10         100 med - $18

25 large - $10         50 large - $18



Please contact us via email to order.


Acceptable payment methods include Paypal, credit card, and money order.

All arachnids and reptiles will ship via Fedex with overnight live arrival guarantee. Overnight shipping rates to the states of SC, NC, and GA will be approximately $25 - $35; shipping to other states approximately $40 - $75. Two-day shipping will be approximately $30, no live arrival guarantee and only if weather permitting. Click here to read complete shipping policies.


Roaches will be shipped USPS priority mail.


Contact us with your zip code for a shipping quote. LAG for overnight deliveries with signature confirmation and successful first delivery attempt. Additional conditions apply. Please see complete terms and conditions.

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GBB feeding on superworm photo courtesy of Courtney Shock

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